• Richard now has his own official Facebook page!

    For the fans the wait is finally over, Richard now has his own official Facebook page!
    You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRZK/

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  • Another Potential Headliner Ruled Out Of Soundwave 2016


    Metal fans hoping to see the gimp-suited, dildo-wielding, fire-scorched antics of Germany’s Rammstein live on the Soundwave stage in 2016 will be sorely disappointed, with promoter AJ Maddah officially crossing them off the list.

    When an eager fan pitched the Berlin industrial-strength metallers for the 2016 bill via Twitter, the Soundwave boss replied with a curt, “No. They won’t be back in time for SW16.”

    However, there is still some hope for fans of the band, with Maddah conceding that there is “definitely” a chance of one of the Rammstein members’ side projects, Richard Z. Kruspe’s Emigrate or frontman Till Lindemann’s new solo project, Lindemann, grSource: http://musicfeeds.com.au/acing one of the festival’s many stages next year.

    The official dates for SW16 were announced last week, signalling the event’s return to the one-day format, hitting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane only, and settling into the Big Day Out’s time slots around the Australia Day holiday.

    Source: http://musicfeeds.com.au/

  • EMIGRATE Explain why They Haven’t Toured YET

    Hornsuprocks.com recently sat down with Richard and his EMIGRATE bandmate Arnaud Giroux and they asked them about the production of their NEW music video for “Eat You Alive”, and why they haven’t announced any touring plans yet. Watch this EXCLUSIVE interview below.

    Source: Hornsuprocks.com

  • New stuff @ EmigrateShop

    With the release of the new album and single, also some new stuff was added to the official EmigrateShop.

    Source: http://www.emigrateshop.eu/


  • “Silent So Long”, The Making Off – Part 4

    Emigrate has released the 4th part of their video series about the making of, of the “Silent So Long” album.

  • Making of “Eat You Alive”

    Today Emigrate released the making of from their latest video.

  • “Silent So Long” with extra bonustracks @ iTunes

    At iTunes you can pre-order the “Silent So Long” album with 5 extra bonustracks (Remixes).
    This is the tracklist for download:

    1 Eat You Alive (feat. Frank Delle)
    2 Get Down (feat. Peaches)
    3 Rock City (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
    4 Hypothetical (feat. Marilyn Manson)
    5 Rainbow
    6 Born On My Own
    7 Giving Up
    8 My Pleasure
    9 Happy Times (feat. Margaux Bossieux)
    10 Faust
    11 Silent So Long (feat. Jonathan Davis)
    + 5 REMIXES:
    12 Eat You Alive (feat. Frank Delle) [Aesthetic Perfection Remix]
    13 Eat You Alive (feat. Frank Delle) [Darksiderz Remix]
    14 Get Down (feat. Peaches) [Pull Out Kings Remix]
    15 Silent So Long (feat. Jonathan Davis) [Mister Faux Remix]
    16 Hypothetical (feat. Marilyn Manson) [Fake Friends Remix]


  • Premiere Eat You Alive video

    Yesterday was the official release of the first single of the new Emigrate album “Eat You Alive”
    It was also the premiere of the official video for this track

  • Interview with AMH Network


    AMH Network had an interview with Richard about Rammstein, Emigrate and the new album Silent So Long.

    Having won numerous awards for best German band and live act, selling over thirty five thousand records, and being known as part of a highly controversial band, Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe is still motivated to embark on musical projects like the current; Emigrate.

    Formed in New York City while Kruspe was living there, alternative/metal band Emigrate was formed by Kruspe, featuring members of Apocalyptica and Combichrist. As somewhat of a supergroup, Emigrate released a highly successful self-titled album in 2007.

    Seven years on, Rammstein have been toning down their activity which left Kruspe to examine sophomore album options, leading to the development of ‘Silent so Long’.

    Ahead of basking in the leisure of German Unity Day to celebrate the post-war reunion of Germany, Kruspe anticipates the release of the new record. “After making many records, for the first time in my whole life, I finally feel like I don’t want to change a damn thing on this album.”

    The Emigrate front man always knew that there would be two albums, but only now he realises that there is a future for the band. “I feel like Emigrate completes what I was missing in the world of Rammstein” he explains. “This band gives me the opportunity to have more open forces; people can come in and collaborate, just making music together.

    Kruspe offers an explanation of how Emigrate came about. “The band started by being frustrated, especially in the world of Rammstein which is quite closed-off and square in a way.” Whilst he reiterates that this works for Rammstein, the guitarist wanted more on a personal level.

    “I grew up in East Berlin, and there was a time before ‘the wall’ which had an underground scene, and there were so many bands coming out and collaborating together.”

    After playing with only Rammstein for twenty years, Kruspe felt like he needed to fill a void. “On the first record I was too busy finding myself as a singer and the sound that I would have, in order to master our band’s sound.”

    Eventually the 47-year old figured out the recipe to the microphone. “I found this mental switch in my head to be a singer and eventually felt comfortable enough to record some material that I wrote.” Kruspe moved back to Germany before writing and recording the sophomore album.” I think the record has got this kind of ‘Berlin’ vibe to it” as opposed to the debut album’s New York atmosphere.

    “The new record has this moodiness and electro vibe to it which was missing on our first record, so I think that’s the biggest difference. It is actually something that I am quite proud of, and I’m really excited at the moment, I really must say (he laughs).”

    ‘Silent so Long’ features an impressive list of guest musicians, namely Slash, Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Marilyn Manson, and others. “We didn’t really have a list of people that we wanted to work with” the Rammstein guitarist explains. “Basically the tracks were dictating which direction we should go and who would complete the sound.”

    The band were surprised at the positive response from the rock and roll superstars they reached out to. “We asked Lemmy, but he was really sick at this point and he was cancelling shows and so I thought there was no chance he had time to go into the studio.”

    This did not leave Kruspe disappointed as he did not expect much from the Motörhead front man. “Then a couple of days later, I just got an email with the track and his vocals on it, with no explanation, there it was, Lemmy’s featuring on my track” the German states excitably.

    Despite a long-list of guest features, Kruspe emphasises the importance of a balancing act as he did not want to produce a karaoke album.

    With most of Rammstein’s lyrical content spoken in German, it seems interesting that Kruspe sings in English. “Emigrate’s birth is quite odd, so the first instinct was to do something different than with Rammstein.”

    The Rammstein backup vocalist grew up with American English music, another influence to his English songwriting. “Till (Lindemann), of Rammstein sings in German, and he writes the best stuff in German – but unfortunately I do not have that ability.”

    The Emigrate logo or symbol appears reminiscent of the Jewish Star of David, though the two are not at all related. “First of all, the circle symbolises the circle of life and the E (symbolises [the action to] Emigrate out of the circle of comfort zones which is what I did my whole life.

    “I moved from a small city in Germany to East Berlin by myself because I felt too comfortable, so I escaped from east to west because I believe that your music or art becomes more truthful or tenser in a foreign place.”

    True to his metal roots in Rammstein, Kruspe was actually reminded of a pentagram rather than the Jewish Star of David.

    With no plans to tour with Emigrate whatsoever, Kruspe quashes any Rammstein related rumours. “At the moment there are no plans for Rammstein to come to Australia. [The band] will see each other again next year again and I guess we will go from there.”
    Emigrate’s new album, Silent So Long, will be released on the 14th November via Universal / Caroline Australia.